Metamorphic Emergence
On-Demand Replay inside the ActiSync Learning Portal

Tap into an expanded field of consciousness to use Source energy for the highest level of spiritual hygiene, empowerment, and re-creation.

This course evolved out of the Karma Sutra, Soul Matters and The Happy CEO workshops. In order to avoid duplication, I decided to extract it and create this prerequisite workshop.


    Some of the topics included:

    • Receive a comprehensive group clearing session for any blocks, interferences, negative energies, ancestral baggage, or anything else that may hold you back. 

    • Activate/Restore the true power of your name. 

    • Awaken your birthright access to the ancestral gifts that are accumulated within your bloodlines.

    • Experience five Synchronizations - each one is a profound healing, facilitate as group sessions:

      1) SourceSync

      To strengthen your direct connection to Source/Creator/God & to open your internal receiving and communication channels;

      2) SoulSync

      To strengthen your Soul-connection, and flow of information and energy, to provide guidance for fulfillment of your Soul purposes; Healing & Integration of beneficial energies for the topic selected.

      3) Spirit TeamSync
      To optimize the connection with your personal spirit team, including an invitation to connect with potential new Angels and Guides with infinite healing power for the topics of your session.

      4) TimeSync
      Synching to optimize the ability to recognize the Divine Timing and be ready and open to use opportunities as they arise and become available. It is like synchronizing the Wheel of Time and the Wheel of Destiny.

      5) InfinitySync
      To tap into the infinite possibilities, the unlimited opportunities that Source creates, to fall into the flow of Synchronistic events, to enjoy more Serendipity, to manifest your vision in a playful way, with ease.

    • We are exploring the message and the power of the ActiSync symbol.

    • Each one of the Synchronizations becomes activatable for you at will whenever desired and can be integrated into your daily spiritual routine. 

      1) SourceSync

      2) SoulSync

      3) Spirit TeamSync
      4) TimeSync

      5) InfinitySync

    • The workshop is an alteration between verbal communication and energy supported periods of silence. We create a field of expanded consciousness to receive healing and clarity in ways that supersede comprehensive verbal explanation.

    • This workshop is designed to facilitate possibilities for immediate shifts and healing, and will also trigger long lasting benefits, some may continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period after the event. 

    • Prerequisites: None; open to all spiritual seekers. 

    • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee, that identical or similar results can be reproduced.

    • This is the prerequisite workshop if you wish to take one of the optional follow-up workshops:
      Karma Sutra, Soul Matters, The Happy CEO, Divine Transduction, Masters of Being & 1Day@Today

    • About 4-hours of recordings of my previous Zoom presentations and excersises. 

    • Offered as on-demand access inside the ActiSync Learning Portal. Access for 30 days to finish the course.

    • $210 for live webinar or phone workshops.

      $210 for instant access to recorded webinar.

      $210 for live class-room style workshops. 

    • Does not include certificate. 

      Instant on-demand replay inside the ActiSync Learning Portal.
      You will be granted access for 30 days to complete the Metamorphic Emergence workshop. (will take a total of about 4 hours of focused watching/listening and practicing)

      Metamorphic Emergence

      Tap into an expanded field of consciousness to use Source energy for the highest level of spiritual hygiene, empowerment, and re-creation.
      None - Open to All