Membership Portal Access Requirements

There are four different Learning Portals on this website. 


Who gets access?

I created one membership site per workshop I offer. They are combined into portals by modality. And there are also consolidated membership sites, where different workshops are grouped together, for ease of access. If you receive access to different membership sites for various workshops, your log-in credentials will be the same for all memberships.


I will start to activate these portals over the next months.


In the future, every student who takes a workshop with me, will receive access to the corresponding membership afterwards.


Seraphim Blueprint students, who have already taken the workshops with other teachers, are welcome to join as re-takers, to repeat the event with me, and they may obtain access to the corresponding membership after that.


ActiSync and Mysterium Seraphim events may also be accessed instantly, via pre-recorded segments. In this case, purchase of the recording gives you access to the corresponding memberships immediately.


If you have participated in my workshops in the past, prior to the existence of this new website, and wish to obtain access to the portals, please send me an e-mail to request your log-in credentials.


What portals are available?

If you have participated in all the Seraphim Blueprint workshops with me, and also the joined the ActiSync & Mysterium Seraphim programs as well, I can give you access to a main consolidated portal, so that you have all information conveniently in one place.