Karma Sutra

Creative Living & Practices for improving the karmic interaction between Self and the outer World

The creation of this workshop has began in 2011 at the request of Voice Workshops, Japan. And with it, the ActiSync aproach was born. Karma Sutra  has evolved over the years to become one of my most requested courses. 


The ActiSync approach is to connect with Source to create a field of expanded consciousness that allows us access to more clarity, inner wisdom and to the infinite divine healing powers. As the karmic flow and our Soul are closely connected, we also focus on strengthening our Soul connection. 


    Some of the topics included:

    • Each energy session works on releasing various types of Karma from different energetic angles. 

    • What is Karma? What are the different types of Karma? Why is a certain amount of Karma necessary and even desirable? Why does redundant Karma create a burden for our Souls?  

    • What is the dynamic between Karma, the Soul, the Higher Self and our physical bodies? 

    • What are the differences between embodies Karma and insouled Karma? 

    • How is Karma created? What are the three main ways to release Karma?

    • How can Karma clearing be accelerated? Introduction of several techniques for ongoing prevention of creation of Karma and continuous self-clearing practices.

    • We are creating the opportunity for each participant to enter a field of expanded consciousness, where deep insights can occur and instant Karma release through Divine Grace becomes possible.

    • A series of synchronizations helps to optimize our interactions with the outside world. One could use the picture of syncing the Wheel of Time with the Wheel of Destiny.

    • A mandala is provided to enhance the effects of this workshop, and as an energetic tool for ongoing use in your daily practice.

    • You also receive a powerful mantra specifically designed to vibrate trough all cells of our bodies to help with the release of redundant embodied Karma.  

    • A special energy-supported Forgiveness-Meditation will be facilitated - with focus on both: to forgive & to be forgiven.  

    • The workshop provides a number of activatable energetic tools for all participants, to be integrated in our spiritual practices for ongoing optimization of the karmic flow, to release redundant karma and as energetic maintenance and spiritual hygiene practices.

    • The workshop is an alteration between verbal communication and energy supported periods of silence. We create a field of expanded consciousness to receive healing and clarity in ways that supersede comprehensive verbal explanation.  

    • This workshop is designed to facilitate possibilities for immediate shifts and healing, and will also trigger long lasting benefits, some may continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period after the event. 

    • Prerequisites: Completion of Metamorphic Emergence. 

    • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee, that identical or similar results can be reproduced.

    • 4-hour initial workshop. (We will have one 20 min break)  

      Optional periodic 90 min follow-up segments.

    • Offered as Zoom Meeting with regular phone option. Zoom allows you to record the session on your own computer if you use the weblink. (Recordings not available if you use a smart phone or tablet).

      If you wish to just dial a phone number, that is an option as well.

    • $210 for live webinar or phone workshops.

      $210 for instant access to recorded webinar.

      $210 for live class-room style workshops.

      $36 for optional periodic 90 min follow-up segments.

    • Does not include certificate. 


      Karma Sutra

      Creative Living & Practices for improving the karmic interaction between Self and the outer World
      Metamorphic Emergence

      (Retakes are free - please send me an e-mail to join again)