Divine Transductors

A sacred geometry multi-purpose device -
An energy antenna, an amplifier and a tool to ground etheric frequencies in the physical realm.

These Divine Transductors were first developed in 2017. Because they are handmade, their availability is very limited. That's why they are only offered in conjunction with either booking a "Metamorphic Emergence" session, or for participants of the "Divine Transduction - The Fruit of Life" workshop.


The clear quartz crystal beads form the shape of the Fruit of Life, and the added rose quartz beads stabilize the geometry to form a hexagon. They are made available only in pairs of two.


Sacred geometry resonates through all levels of existence, and through adherence to these powerful forms, lower dimensional material objects can be used to tap into higher dimensional energy. These hexagons are designed to aid the transduction of divine energy and consciousness into the physical plane and our bodies. 



    Some of the uses & benefits:

    • When activated, each transductor can facilitate access to various vortices: 1 Source energy vortex, 12 Divine vortices (Clearing, Light, Love & Truth) & 6 stabilizing vortices.

    • Energy flow arising from the sacred geometric forms found inside the patterns, such as: the hexagon - resonating with the hexagonal structure of the quartz crystals and with the structured water inside of our bodies, the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, the Infinity symbol.

    • The energies are amplified through the healing vibrations of the clear quartz & rose quartz beads. 

    • Utilizing the transductors for activation of hand meridians & chakras, to activate a new level of ability for transmitting energy hands-on. Also, to energetically cleanse our hands after preforming hands-on healing or massage sessions, as part of personal self-care, energetic hygiene and to recharge our batteries.

    • The most effective use is wearing both transducturs on each hand (straps are provided) for about 15 minutes daily for a full body healing. The stimulation of the energy meridians in the hands will result in an energy transmission throughout the body to vitalize our entire energy system.

    • May be placed directly on chakras or body parts in need of focused energy. 

    • May be used as amplifiers when receiving an energy transmission.

    • May be placed on writing desks, night stands, inside cars etc. to create a supportive high-vibrational environment. The energy of the space can be changed in many ways by adding various stones onto the hexagons. 

    • If you already have created your "Sphere of Personal Virtue", or your 'Enterprise Light Sphere" (from the Happy CEO Workshop), you may place them on the Transductors. This will further amplify their radiance.

    • Soul-Hygiene & Soul Nourishment techniques

    • The Divine Transductors are a self-care tool. (not designed to be shared with others.) 

    • The transductors are designed for long term use. If proper care is used, they should be supporting their owners for many years to come.

    • Only included with either a "Metamorphic Emergence" session, or with participation in the "Divine Transduction - The Fruit of Life" workshop.

    • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee, that identical or similar results can be reproduced.

    • Allow for sufficient shipping time.  

    • Sorry, but not for sale at the moment.

    • Shipping not offered outside the US & Canada.