Metamorphic Emergence

Tap into an expanded field of consciousness to use Source energy for the highest level of spiritual hygiene, empowerment, and re-creation. Heal the power of your name as energetic key for connecting with your higher self, activate your birthright access to your ancestral gifts.

Prerequisites: none
4-hour workshop;
Participation Fee: $210

Karma Sutra

Open to all who wish to explore the mysteries of Karma, Creative Living & Practices for improving the karmic interaction between Self & the outer World.

Prerequisites: Attendance at 'Metamorphic Emergence'
4-hour workshop;
Participation Fee: $210

Soul Matters

Open to all who wish to establish a more direct access to their Soul, better understand the interactions between Soul and Higher Self, and explore the mysteries of Soul phenomena.


Prerequisites: Attendance at 'Metamorphic Emergence'
4-hour workshop;
Participation Fee: $210

Connecting with Source through Sacred Geometry. 
Sacred Geometry resonates through levels of existence, and by adhering to these powerful patterns lower dimensional material objects can be utilized to tap into higher dimensional energy.

The Fruit of Life created from quartz crystal beads, has been integrated into the shape of the hexagon (rose quartz beads). These hexagons are designed to aid the transduction of divine energy and consciousness into the physical plane and our bodies. Various energy vortices are activated over the course of six weeks.

Prerequisites: Attendance at 'Metamorphic Emergence'
6 segments (one per week) of 90 minutes each;
Fee including a pair of the Divine Transductors: $540


The One-Day-Challenge

Seize the day, tap into the power of change instantaneously. Restructure your day, break habits and experience different results. Create a day that is more conducive to Synchronicity & Serendipity. Make a commitment to challenge yourself for one day. And if you like, repeat it the next day, and the next day...


Open to all, who have participated in a private session (either a "SourceSync & SoulSync" session, or a "Metamorphic Emergence" session), or paricipation in at least one of these workshops: Metamorphic Emergence, Happy CEO, Karma Sutra, Soul Matters or Divine Transduction - The Fruit of Life;
One 90-minute preparatory webinar to introduce the concept and tools. Followed-up with a sequence of daily instructions, for as long as desired, up to  30 days.
Participation Fee: $36

Masters of Being

A group of the most advanced ActiSync practitioners.

This program also includes training for practitioners, who wish to utilize the ActSync approach in sessions for their clients.

Prerequisites: By invitation only. 

(Candidates considered who have participated in at least three of the ActiSync workshops, have integrated the energetic ActiSync approach into their lives and wish to accelerate their spiritual journey.)

An ongoing group mentoring & support program; Periodic 90-minute events.
Participation Fee $36 for each event.