ActiSync Private Sessions

Comparison of the "SourceSync & SoulSync" & the "Metamorphic Emergence" sessions

      Metamorphic Emergence Session including the Divine Transductors

      At the moment, I am unable to offer the Metamorphic Emergence Session,
      due to lack of supply of natural quartz beads,
      that I need to create the physical healing tools, the 'Divine Transductors',
      that are part of the session. 


          SourceSync & SoulSync Session

          The "SourceSync & SoulSync" is a very thorough program spreading over three days of energy transmissions. It also fully engages each client with the important preparation of the focused intention setting prior to the appointment. Also, during each session all clients are requested to actively participate. The ongoing feed-back allows to continuously direct and redirect the energies in the most beneficial way, in alignment with the individual needs of each participant, ensuring that very session provides a unique personalized experience.


          Alex has been offering this session since 2013, mostly in Japan, Germany and the US. 

          How does this session work?

            Your Preparation:

            Writing a concise, focused statement of intentions for the session & desired outcome, submitted to Alex at least two days prior to the session


            Day 1:

            Intention setting & preparatory distant healing a day prior to live session

            (typically done in the evening, about 15 - 20 min)


            Day 2:

            Live phone session contents:

            (about 75 min)


            This session includes a short segment of review of your intention statement,

            Followed by a technique to connect with your own full light and power.

            We create a field of expanded consciousness to connect with Source
            at the highest possible level to receive clarity & to tap into the infinite healing power of Source.
            We start with an extended clearing segment,
            covering various areas that may need to be addressed to remove interference factors.

            After successful removal of blockages,
            we focus on the integration of beneficial energies, fields and blueprints.

            Also included:


            To strengthen your direct connection to Source/Creator/God &

            to open your internal receiving and communication channels;

            Brief review of the topics related to the session.



            To strengthen your Soul-connection,

            and flow of information and energy,

            to provide guidance for fulfillment of your Soul purposes;

            Healing & Integration of beneficial energies for the topic selected.


            To optimize the connection with your personal spirit team,

            including an invitation to connect with potential new Angels and

            Guides with infinite healing power for the topics of your session.


            ​Syncing to optimize the ability to recognize the Divine Timing
            and be ready and open to use opportunities as they arise and become available.
            It is like synchronizing the Wheel of Time and the Wheel of Destiny.



            To tap into the infinite possibilities,

            the unlimited opportunities that Source creates,

            to fall into the flow of Synchronistic events,

            to enjoy more Serendipity, to manifest your vision in a playful way, with ease.


            Recording of the session
            This allows you to go back into the energy whenever desired.
            I suggest you record the Zoom Meeting on your PC,
            or use the voice recorder on your mobile phone,
            in order for you to be able to benefit from the replays.


            Day 3:

            Follow-up distant healing the day after the phone session
            (typically done in the evening, about 15 min)
            to review the integration, if needed, remove healing resistance &

            provide another healing boost


            Activatable tools available after the session,

            to be integrated into your spiritual practice, if desired:



            Normally, this is a Zoom webinar with three different options to participate,
            based on your preference:
            1) Weblink using your internet connection
            on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone -

            using your gadget's microphone, speaker and if you like also your camera.
            Headset recommended.
            2) Iphone one-tab
            3) Regular phone

            Some of the more frequent session topics include:

            • Energetic support for vitality, well-being, & health. Enhancement of natural self-healing powers.

            • Preventive "energetic & spiritual maintenance", easing tension & stress, a relaxation effect comparable to an "energetic Spa visit".

            • Acceleration of true Self-Realization, and activation of our full potential, refocusing towards a positive outlook, strengthening confidence and a "can-do" attitude. 

            • Feeling the bliss and joy when being surrounded by this field of expanded consciousness & Source energy. Promotes peacefulness & connectedness.

            • Assisting the clearing and release of blockages, correction of energetic misalignments, and regaining full personal, energetic and spiritual sovereignty.

            • Healing and strengthening the direct connection with your Soul and Higher Self.  Increasing the internal Soul-Resonance.

            • Getting clear insights about Soul-Purposes and Soul-Truths & how to proceed on the optimal Soul-Path.

            • A review of, and if appropriate, upgrade of members of your personal Spirit Team. 

            • To integrate missing beneficial energies, fields and blueprints. 

            • Further activation of spiritual abilities & gifts.

            • To experience the power of the ActiSync approach prior to participation in any ActiSync workshops.

            • The ActiSync approach includes synchronizations, a two-way process, where we are more synced with the unlimited possibilities of the Universe, and we are opening up more fully to receive from the Universe; and simultaneously, the Universe is becomes more attuned to us, to our individual specifics and our environment adjusts to accommodate our needs.

            • Establishes a more direct and consistent connection with Source, the Soul as well as the Higher Self.

            • The essential parts of all sessions happen in silence. The power of this peaceful quiet space allows going into very deep layers of consciousness. Many attunements supersede comprehensive verbal explanation.  

            • While all sessions result in immediate shifts, they are also designed, to trigger long lasting benefits, some continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period. 

              "A very empowering experience"

              Lily from Las Vegas, United States

              " I enjoyed every minute of the session and the recording is also as powerful as the live session. Thank you!"

              Nurdan from Girne, Northern Cyprus

              "Thank you so very much for the amazing SourceSync and SoulSync session yesterday. It was a powerful session and I felt so much joy and bliss. I am feeling in the flow and so very grateful! I did listen to the recording and I could feel the energy and I felt that ecstatic joyfulness again and I felt so connected to the Divine. My Heart is full!

              Sandy from Boulder, United States

                • Optional physical healing tools:

                  - Various mandalas

                  - Divine Transductors

                  - (Your Sphere of Personal Virtue is created and activated only during workshops)

                • This session provides activatable tools to be integrated into your daily routine, if desired.

                • If you choose to record the session, you may benefit from the energies again, any time you listen to it.

                • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee that identical results can be reproduced.

                • The ActiSync modality has been self-developed by Alex Brandin since 2011, this session has been offered since 2013.

                • Does not include any Seraphim Blueprint energies. 

                • If you wish to include optional physical healing tools, please allow for sufficient time for shipping prior to the session.

                • Offered as Zoom Meeting with regular phone option. Zoom allows you to record the session on your own computer if you use the weblink. (Recordings not available if you use a smart phone or tablet).

                  If you wish to just dial a phone number, that is an option as well.

                • $369 for the three-day program

                SourceSync & SoulSync Session


                ActiSync energy spectrum; three day session:

                Must submit a focused intention statement
                for the session the day prior
                to the preparatory distant healing!
                Day 1:  Preparatory Distant Healing - based on your submitted Intention Statement
                Day 2:  75 min Live Session Zoom Webinar
                Day 3:  Follow-up Distant Healing



                Feed-back part 1, three days after the session:

                "I was feeling so much better right away, that I was completely astonished that such a profound change would even be possible immediately. I had been so weak and unable to work for six weeks, and it all completely changed during the session. I feel so much better, and I think that I may need a few more days for the full integration. I am listening to the recording daily and enjoy the energy boost I receive every time. The way you accompanied me through the session was so calming and it built me up again.
                It was miraculous! Thank you very much!"


                Feed-back part 2, ten days after the session:
                "I can clearly feel how my physical strength has continued to improve every day. I have greatly benefitted from listening to the recording of the session daily. I now have reached a state of stable well-being, and my body has gained so much strength that it is able to function properly again, and I have been able to return to work.
                Thank you so much for your support!"

                Gertrud from Berlin, Germany

                "I enjoyed the session greatly. It resulted in a profound shift immediately. I also have continued to listen to the recording of the session each week and I feel a new level of expansion each time."

                Annie from Miami, United States