ActiSync History & Development

A brief overview

This system was born because of the specific request for a workshop for the topics of Karma Clearing and Soul Purpose, that was given to me by Voice Workshops in Japan in 2010. I had been teaching the Seraphim Blueprint there already, but these topics were not addressed through a specific workshop.


I consulted with my Spirit Team to find out, if I would be able to create such a course on my own with their guidance. This started a process, that led me ultimately to what I now call the ActiSync approach.


      What are the cornerstones of the ActiSync approach?

      • The central focus is on healing and strengthening our personal connection to Source. There is no specific angel or spirit entity associated with ActiSync. (Instead, every participant brings their own spirit teams to the workshop.) 

      • Since all aspects of our lives are intricately interwoven with our Souls, we concentrate on improving access to our soul-level and to heal any interference that may exist through Source energy. Source essentially acts as Super-Soul that can facilitate any necessary adjustments to our Souls, if needed.

      • Each participant is invited to enter an expanded field of consciousness, that allows us to access clarity, truth and healing. The creation of the field is a teamwork between Source, workshop facilitator and the participants. The field transducts information, energy and sacred geometries into our being.

      • While inside the field of expanded consciousness, we are able to experience, what I call Synchronizations. A Synchronization is a two-way attunement. It allows us to become more in sync with the outer world and all opportunities and possibilities that exist, and it also simultaneously adjusts the outer world, our environment more to our Soul-needs. It makes our surroundings more conducive to our individual requirements. (This is a very different concept and process compared to receiving an initiation. An initiation, in my understanding is a one-way attunement, an optimization of our energy system, an initial spark that we receive, that triggers internal processes and changes.)

      • In raising our vibration and consciousness, we become more able to not only stay in the flow of synchronistic experiences for a prolonged time, we are learning to create serendipitous situations ourselves more and more. 

      Several months of contemplation, meditation and listening to my inspiration resulted in a one-day workshop, that immediately with its premiere in 2011 became one of my most booked events in Japan.


      Over the years of teaching this workshop, I kept adding to it and I relaunched it in 2017 in a new format. Because more content had been added over the years, I split it into three workshops: Metamorphic Emergence, Karma Sutra and Soul Matters.


      Since the first workshop had been such a success, I was asked again by Voice Workshops Japan, if I could create another workshop, primarily for businesspeople who wish to integrate spirituality into their enterprises and to balance business success and personal well-being. This resulted in the launch of The Happy CEO program in Tokyo in 2014.


      The Divine Transduction series was born out of my immersion into sacred geometry in 2018. ActiSync has grown organically over the years, more workshops were added. The program continues to evolve, and course creation is an ongoing process. 


      Currently, I am focusing on the completion of the 1-Day@Today experience, a one-day challenge, that I have been conceptualizing for the past several years.