The ActiSync Approach -
Enter into the Field of Expanded Consciousness

An opportunity for you to explore the vibration facilitated through ActiSync



Serendipity guided you to find my website somehow and
you feel an interest in exploring the ActiSync energy spectrum.
That is a great start!


Please complete the form below and you will be invited to:


1) Experience an ActiSync Spiritual Hygiene session
(A Source Energysupported clearing session)


2) Experience an SourceSync Healing session 


(You will have access to these two recorded sessions on the next page.)


3) I will e-mail you an image of a visual energy portal with instructions how to use it.



Please complete this form below to
enter into the field of expanded consciousness :

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      Experience the ActiSync Healing Approach by entering the
      Field of Expanded Consciousness

      We respect your privacy. Sharing of your information only occurs, if you participate in a Seraphim Blueprint workshop. We will forward it to the Seraphim Blueprint non-profit organization, to establish a complete database of all students worldwide.