One Website - Three Learning Portals

  • A unique evolutionary path to Self-realization. Introduces us to a collection of cosmic energies to assist with self-healing as well as spiritual growth and activation of our true potential. Each of the frequencies is a specialized tool for clearly defined topics.

  • Establishes connection with the Seraph who is the Guardian of this system.

  • Participants receive a series of permanent initiations to optimize their energy systems to allow continued use of the energies, activatable at will anytime when desired.

  • Initiates are encouraged to activate certain energy tools daily, others weekly or monthly. One of the benefits of this system is the ability to activate many energies automatically "in the background" while doing other things.

  • Seraphic technology to
    - empower quartz crystals

    - energize rooms

    - facilitate a pure distant energy transmission

    - hands-on healing activation (Level I - Seraphim Healing)

    - safe Kundalini activation (Level II)

    - meditation enhancement (Level III & SeraMed)

    - and many more...

  • Several of the energies may be used to support others, either trough hands-on activation or distant transmission.

  • The book "Seraphim Blueprint - The Power of Angel Healing" gives detailed insight into the creation of this system

  • Optional material tools:
    - the Seraph's symbol

    - empowered quartz crystals

    - a personalized "opener stone" (acts like an individualized energy antenna)
    Seraphim Aromatherapy Mists

    - SerAura Aroma Cleanse

    - Seraph Space Cleanse

  • Certificates are only issued for:

    - Students who choose to complete all six levels

    - Seraphic Tour of the Solar System

    - Guardians of Gaia

    - Seraphim Aqua Dynamics
    (only Level VI certificate issued by Ruth Rendely, the re-discoverer of the Seraphim Blueprint; the others are signed by  Alex Brandin)

  • Offered as live events in classroom setting, via phone conferences, or webinars;  private tutoring possible

  • Private sessions with the Seraphim Blueprint energy spectrum are offered

  • Possibility to apply for teacher's training with Ruth Rendely

  • Founded by Ruth Rendely in 1994

  • No certificate for most workshops

  • A workshop is typically 8 hours, either taught in one day, or split into two 4-hour segments.

  • Various special evening events are offered, ranging from 1  - 2 hours

  • Participation fee
    $180 per full workshop day; special short events range from $18 - $45

  • ActiSync meaning
    - Active Syncing: guides us to actively sync ourselves with what is in alignment with our purpose and what we desire. It helps to shift our frequency to resonate with what we wish to attract.

    - Activate Synchronicities:

    we learn the dynamics of synchronicity; first we are becoming more aware of the shortcuts that the universe creates for us; later, we begin to actively create synchronicities.

  • We learn how to access a field of expanded consciousness. We strengthen our direct link to Source for clearing, clarity, insight, healing and protection.

  • Participants experience a series of energetic synchronizations. These are two-way attunements. They align us with the Universe, and at the same time the Universe, our environment adjusts to us.

  • These Synchronizations become activatable by intention for all participants and may be easily integrated into our daily routines.

  • We examine our relationship with our personal spirit team, strengthen our interaction with our powerful protectors, and we may choose to adjust our team's composition, if needed.

  • We explore the dynamic between our soul level, higher self and self. We access healing tools to remove blockages and interference, and establish a practice of spiritual hygiene.

  • Energetic tools:

    - various activatable Synchronizations for specific purposes

    - optional Mantra (Karma Sutra)

  • Optional material tools:

    - several energetic symbols and mandalas
    - creation of a "Personal Light Sphere"

    - creation of an "Enterprise Light Sphere" (The Happy CEO)

    - "Divine Transductors" (Metamorphic Emergence)

  • Offered as live events in classroom setting, via phone conferences, or webinars, as well as prerecorded courses inside the membership portal; private tutoring possible.

  • Currently two types of private sessions with the ActiSync energy spectrum are offered:
    - Soul Session
    - Metamorphic Emergence Session

  • Created by Alex Brandin; first workshop in 2011; ongoing course development

  • Not designed to be used for healing others in the entry level stages. A longer practice period is required in order to utilize this type of access for sessions. At this point the focus of all the ActiSync workshops is at Self-healing.

  • Teacher's training not offered.

  • No certificates

  • A workshop is typically 6 hours, either taught in one day, or split into two 3-hour segments.

  • Various special evening events are offered, ranging from 1  - 2 hours

  • Participation fee
    $120 per full workshop day; special short events range from $18 - $45

  • This lecture series is designed to facilitate the opportunity to immerse ourselves into the realm of the Seraphim Angels, and to be inspired to open our minds and hearts to the powerful realm of the  seraphic consciousness.

  • In-depth exploration of the mysterious six-winged Seraphim angels, how they have been described and depicted throughout the ages. Reviewing their in historic art, architecture and sacred geometry; and examining ancient scripture and wisdom.

  • Comparing how the Seraphim have been perceived in different religions and cultures worldwide, to better understand today's relevance of these high Angels for us.

  • Many mysteries of the Seraphim have been debated by scholars for centuries. Different opinions and possibilities are presented in this series, to invite contemplation of these matters.

  • Each segment ends with a meditation in order to find our personal truth and insights connected with this mystical angelic realm & to integrate sacred geometric elements connected with the Seraphic consciousness.

  • Offered as live events, via phone conferences, or webinars, as well as recorded sessions inside the membership portal.

  • Created by Alex Brandin

  • Does not include any initiations

  • Does not include any  energetic or any material  tools

  • No certificates

  • various segments of
    90 min  - 2 hours

  • Participation fee

    $24 to $33 per segment