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The One-Day-Challenge

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    Some of the topics included:

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    • We will also review a meditation style specifically designed to connect clearly & deeply with our Soul-level

    • The workshop provides a number of activatable energetic tools for all participants, to be integrated in our spiritual practices for ongoing Soul hygiene, nourishment and interaction.

    • The workshop is an alteration between verbal communication and energy supported periods of silence. We create a field of expanded consciousness to receive healing and clarity in ways that supersede comprehensive verbal explanation.  

    • This workshop is designed to facilitate possibilities for immediate shifts and healing, and will also trigger long lasting benefits, some may continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period after the event. 

    • Prerequisites: None; open to all spiritual seekers. 

    • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee, that identical or similar results can be reproduced.

    • 90-min initial webinar with introduction of the concept and to share the tools.

      24 hours minimum commitment required to follow the instructions for one full day.

      After completion of the one-day-challenge everyone has the option to choose to repeat the challenge - up to 30 days. Different instructions & energetic tools will e-mailed daily and made available in the membership site for 30 days.


    • Offered as Zoom Meeting with regular phone option. Zoom allows you to record the session on your own computer if you use the weblink. (Recordings not available if you use a smart phone or tablet).

      If you wish to just dial a phone number, that is an option as well.

    • $33 for 90 min preparatory webinar. This includes the ongoing daily support for up to 30 days.

      If desired, this program of daily energetic support & facilitation of instructions and tools may be extended two more times at a monthly fee of $33. This program ends after 90 days.

    • Does not include certificate.