Overview of Private Sessions

Alex has developed a number of different types of private sessions over the years. While each session is unique, there are various options to choose from, when it comes to the energy spectrum untilized and format. Also, some are energy only sessions, while others include physical healing tools.

The essential parts of all sessions happen in silence. The power of this peaceful quiet space allows going into very deep layers of consciousness. Many of the attunements supersede comprehensive verbal description.

All sessions result in many immediate shifts, and are also designed to trigger long lasting benefits, some continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period.

The most booked session is the ActiSync "SourceSync & SoulSync" session that spreads over three consecutive days.

Offered as Zoom, Skype or phone sessions.

  • Seraphim Blueprint energies are utilized to offer specific support for the unique personal situation & needs of each recipient.

  • Optimal session type for everyone who wishes to experience the power of various Seraphim Blueprint healing energies and tools.

  • Establishes connection with the Seraph who is the Guardian of the Seraphim Blueprint system.

  • The Seraph facilitates a unique kind of team-work with the recipient's personal spirit team of Guardian Angels and Guides to ensure optimal results.

  • Each session starts with a conversational part to assess the best approach, and is followed by one or two energy transmissions.

  • Optional physical healing tools:

    - The Seraph's symbol

    - Empowered quartz crystals

    - Individually energized coins with the Seraph's symbol

    - A personally programmed opener stone

    - Seraphim Blueprint Aromatheraphy Mists: SerAura Aroma Cleanse & Seraph Space Cleanse

  • This session contains Seraphim Blueprint only.

  • Alex Brandin has been personally trained by Ruth Rendely, the re-discoverer of the Seraphim Blueprint and  has been practicining these  energies since 2005. Alex is one of the longest serving teachers of this modality worldwide. 

  • Does in most cases not include any activatable initiations (some exceptions for advanced Seraphim Blueprint parctitioners only). If you wish to receive energetic tools to work with on an ongoing basis, consider participating in a Seraphim Blueprint workshop. 

  • If you wish to include optional physical healing tools, please allow for sufficient time for shipping prior to the session.

  • Bookable as 60 min & 

    30 min sessions.

  • - $180 for 60 min & energized Seraph coin
    - $150 for 60 min

    - $75 for 30 min
    optional add-ons:
    - $15 for a pair of empowered quartz crystals with pouch
    - $30 for energized Seraph symbol metal coin with pouch

    - $30 for an individually programmed "Opener Stone" with pouch

  • ActiSync energetic tools provide individual support optimized for the specific situation & needs of the recipient.

  • The sessions create a field of expanded consciousness to amplify our direct connection with Source, strengthen access to our Soul and Higher Self, and our personal Spirit Teams of Guardian Angels and Guides.

  • There are two types of ActiSync sessions: 

    - the "SourceSync & SoulSync",

    - the "Metamorphic Emergence" session

  • Each session begins with a brief channeling segment, followed by a multi-step clearing & blockage removal, finished with the integration of beneficial energies, blueprints & fields.

  • Permanent energetic tools are provided that become activatable and can be integrated in our daily lives.

  • Optional physical healing tools:

    - Various mandals

    - Divine Transductors

    - (Personal Light Sphere &  Enterprise Light Sphere are created and activated only during workshops)

  • This session exclusively contains ActiSync energy tools.

  • Alex Brandin has been developing the ActiSync series since 2011 and is the only teacher and the only one offering these types of sessions worldwide.

  • Does not contain any Seraphim Blueprint energies.

  • For "Metamorphic Emergence" session, please first verify availability of the "Divine Transductors" (handmade and empowered by Alex Brandin, very limited availability), and allow for sufficient shipping time prior to the session.

  • "SourceSync & SouSync" session is facilitated over 3 consecutive days, includes one 75 min live Zoom/Skype/phone session on day 2, plus distant healings surrounding the live event.


    "Metamorphic Emergence" Session 75 min

  • "SourceSync & SoulSync" - $369


    "Metamorphic Emergence" session including physical healing tool "Divine Transductors" - $540

  • The energetic approach reveals itself when we start the session, as we tune into the possibilities of the moment.

  • Each session starts with a conversational part to assess the best approach.

  • This is a free-flowing and unfolding experience that does not follow any specific structure.

  • Spportive entities, such as the Seraph, who is the Guardian of the Seraphim Blueprint, different Angels, Spirit Guides, Interdimensional Beings or Power Animals may choose to appear and support the session. These powerful entities may offer energetic adjustments specific to each person’s unique needs. Sometimes they also choose to communicate verbal messages as well.

  • No optional physical healing tools offered

  • This session may include Seraphim Blueprint energy, and/or ActiSync techniques, as well as other energetic tools

  • May or may not provide permanent energetic tools for continued activation and use after the session.

  • Alex Brandin utilizes all knowledge, energies and techniques he has access to as guided.

  • Does not provide a pure experience of the energies of only one specific modality.

  • Since no optional physical healing tools are available, no delay due to required shipping.

  • Bookable as 60 min &

    30 min sessions

  • - $150 for 60 min

    - $75 for 30 min