Ruth Rendely

Ruth Rendely

The Seraphim Blueprint Re-Discoverer

Ruth Rendely is a spiritual innovator, clairsentient psychic and angel channel.

Ruth has led two lives. She transitioned from an academic career as university history lecturer in both the United States and Japan, into the world of spirituality. A turning point in her life was her study of Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This experience was a catalyst to the liberation of Ruth' s true potential as a spiritual teacher for many. Her longtime exploration of the human-divine connection has provided her with deep insights and understanding of the mysteries of the spiritual realms and the higher levels of consciousness. She has served others as meditation instructor, spiritual healer and mentor.


Ruth has been guided and initiated by a high Angel of the order of the Seraphim since 1994. This has led to the revival of an ancient energy healing system, we now call the "Seraphim Blueprint". Ruth has re-introduced this powerful energy source and has initiated many grateful practitioners on four continents.


Her first book "Seraphim Blueprint - The Power of Angel Healing" (2007) invites the reader to join her fascinating personal journey of spiritual awakening that included meeting the Seraph and developing her first workshops. In her second book "Your Multiple Souls: How They Direct Your Creativity, Genius, Complexity, and Moods" (2015), Ruth shares her unique understanding of soul phenomena and explores multiple soul theories.


Originally from New York, Ruth has lived many years in Japan and Australia; she currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina.