Past Presentations

An overview of some of the most significant presentations & projects facilitated by Alex Brandin over the past years

International Seraphim Blueprint Festival Las Vegas 2017
The first international Seraphim Blueprint Festival in the Unted States.

Assisted with organization & Speaker 05/2017

International Seraphim Blueprint Festival Turkey 2015
Part 1: Izmir & Ephesus
Part 2: Istanbul
Part 3: Konya & Cappadocia

The first international gathering of Seraphim Blueprint practitioners from Turkey, Germany, the United Sates and Japan. An event in three modules over 16 days exploring Turkey, following the ancient traces referring to the Seraphim. A study of historic art work and architecture, connection with natural power places and a forum for powerful energetic activations.

Tour & event program planner & co-organizer & presenter 04/2015

The premiere of the Seraphim Blueprint in Turkey
After this initial launch in Istanbul, Alex dedicated himself to continue to introduce the Seraphim Blueprint to other cities in Turkey. Alex's frequent travels resulted in a broad student base. The resonance in Turkey has been so great, that Alex has even trained over 70 Turkish Seraphim Blueprint teachers already until 2018.

Lebenskraft Messe in Zurich, Switzerland
Alex selected this largest annual Swiss spritual event to introduce the Seraphim Blueprint to Switzerland. This was followed by providing workshops in several cities in Switzerland.
Speaker & presenter with booth 03/01 - 03/04/2012

New Living Expo San Francisco 2012
Alex Brandin received the "Best of Expo" Gold Award in the categorie "Body, Mind, Spirit Integration" for his presentation of the Seraphim Blueprint for the second time after his initial award in 2010.
Speaker & persenter with booth 04/27 - 04/29/2012

New Living Expo San Francisco 2011

Connected with over 350 visitors of my lecture & booth
Speaker and presenter with booth 04/29 - 05/01/2011

Berliner Esoterikmesse

This three-day largest spiritual expo in Berlin was the perfect venue to intruduce the Seraphim Blueprint to Germany. Alex was a speaker on each of the three days, with audiences ranging up to 100 participants.
Featured speaker & presenter with booth 09/17 - 09/19/2010

New Living Expo San Francisco 2010
Alex Brandin received the "Best of Expo" Gold Award in the category 'Mind, Body, Spirit  Integration" for his presentation of the Seraphim Blueprint, during this largest annual spiritual expo in California.
Presenter with booth 04/30 - 05/02/2010