Opener Stones

Personalized Energy Antennas

Openers are created specifically for each Seraphim Blueprint student. They are little egg-shaped stones that are intuitively picked from a variety of minerals and prepared for each receipt individually. The opener could be explained as a personal antenna that is optimized to always connect the owner with the most beneficial energy frequencies every time it is held. As we change, and our needs evolve, it constantly adjusts and re-focuses.


How can we use the Opener?

  • We can hold it during meditations, for up to an hour a day.

  • The opener can be held when receiving initiations during the workshops to amplify the energy flow.

  • It may be held with intention to find peace, clarity and balance in times of great stress.

  • Some students love holding it first thing in the morning for 10 minutes with the focus on an optimal start the day.

  • Others report, that holding it for 10 minutes while in bed, just before falling asleep, shifts them into a state of higher vibration and consciousness that continues to resonate into the night.

    Why are they called Openers?
    It truly is an omnidirectional opener: It opens us more fully to the magnitude of supportive universal energies, it opens a more direct connection to Source, it opens access to our inner wisdom and our true potential. It opens our hearts more fully to receive the unconditional divine love.

    Is there more information about openers?
    Ruth Rendely, the re-discoverer of the Seraphim Blueprint, dedicates a significant part of her book "Seraphim Blueprint - The Power of Angel Healing" on how she was introduced to the openers, the benefits she personally received, and why she made them part of the system.

    How can I get my personal Opener?
    Each American student of the Seraphim Blueprint receives an opener as part of Level I “Seraphim Healing”. In some countries it is given out as part of Level II “Seraphim Sacred Geometry”.