"Mysterium Seraphim" Lectures

An overview

Learn more about who the mysterious six-winged Seraphim Angels are, how they have been described and depicted historically. Studying traces of the Seraphim in ancient scripture, artwork and architecture is one way, to better understand, how humans have perceived these high Angels over time. Alex Brandin presents slides of Seraphim depictions and other relevant information from various centuries, and analyses the role of the “fiery” or “burning” Seraphim in different religions. He is exploring powerful ancient wisdom, that has been forgotten by many people over the centuries. Alex Brandin has had the opportunity, to study related ancient art during his teachings travels worldwide. He presents his research to facilitate a better comprehension of the role and meaning of the Seraphim Angels, and how the Seraphic consciousness is still relevant for us today.

This lecture series consists of 18 segments. Part 1 is a 60-minute introduction highlighting the most important pieces of information and giving a general overview of the content of the series. All other lectures always focus on just one or two specific topics on a much deeper level and range between 30 to 45 minutes. Each segment is followed by a 15 minute meditation. Alex will share some of the most interesting and inspiring points connected with the Seraphim. Who are the Seraphim? How is Seraphic consciousness expressed in Sacred Geometry? How are the Seraphim referenced in different religions? Is there a connection between the Seraphim, Water and Quartz Crystals? Did Jesus and Virgin Mary experience Seraphic activations that could be relevant to us? What was the Seraphic connection with St Francis of Assisi? All lectures are loosely connected, but each one is an independent event, open for all, without any prerequisites.


These events are designed to open our minds and hearts to the powerful realm of Seraphic high angels, to provide more information about this mystic topic, which is still new for many worldwide, and to inspire a deeper investigation of the “Mysterium Seraphim”. Some aspects connected to the Seraphim have been debated by religious scholars and mystics for centuries. Alex will present different points of view, and it is not intended to provide definite answers regarding these celestial beings. Every participant is invited to explore the meaning and relevancy of this information on a personal level during a group meditation at the end of each lecture.

Some of the topics

1 - Who are the Seraphim? - An introductory lecture


2 - Did Seraphic intervention play a role in
Mary's assumption to heaven in the Christian religions?


3 - Seraphim, serpents, dragons - is there a connection?


4 - Why is Jesus in Christian art sometimes
depicted with six wings after his assention?

5 - What is the dynamic between the Seraphim and the Cherubim?

6 - Burning angels with six wings? Really!?

7 - What can we learn from Isaiah's encounter with the Seraphim
as described in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible?


8 - What is the link between the Seraphim and light?

9 - Is there a sacred geometric resonance between the
Seraphim, water and quartz crystals?


10 - What are the similarities and differences of the interpretation
of the Seraphim within the Abrahamic religions?

11 - Are there levels of consciousness corresponding to the
Seraphim mentioned in the non-Abrahamic religions?


What are the references to the Seraphic consciousness in Hebrew Mysticism?

Are there expressions in Islamic art that could be interpreted
as references to the Seraphic consciousness?

How can inspired art & sacred geometry help to
activate access to the Seraphic consciousness?


What makes the Seraphim depictions inside the Hagia Sophia special?