Empowered Quartz Crystals

A Life-Force Conduit & Amplifier

The essence of the Seraphim Blueprint is to connect with the etheric energies by intention. However, having physical energetic tools can also be very helpful in various situations. That’s why we have the option of empowering clear quartz crystals with the first vibration of the Seraphim Blueprint: The Life-Force that is part of Level I “Seraphim Healing”. Having these crystals on our body, increases the circulation if Life-Force, gives us an energy boost, helps with the activation of our dormant self-healing powers and gives us a greater sense of being connected. 

What are some of the uses?

  • Holding during meditation

  • The benefit of holding the crystal for 10 minutes, right after waking up, is often described like "enjoying an energetic cup of coffee" for a powerful start of the day . 

  • Carrying it on your body for up to 8 hours

  • Putting it under a band aid on a specific spot of the body (tumbled or polished stones are better because they have no sharp edges like raw crystals)

  • Placing it on chakras for three minutes each for expanded opening

  • To energize water before drinking

  • Holding while receiving a distant healing session to amplify the energy transmissions

  • To familiarize yourself with the energy prior to taking the Level I “Seraphim Healing”

  • Placing into flower pots to support plants energetically

  • Plus many more uses & these crystals are great presents too!

    Do these crystals have to be cleansed periodically?

    When the crystal is empowered, a perpetual energy flow is activated. The continuous current results in a constant self-cleaning process. No other cleansing techniques are required.  

    Where can I get these crystals? 

    Every initiate of Level I “Seraphim Healing” can empower these crystals. If you know someone who already has completed this workshop you may just ask them to energize such a crystal for you.


    How can I learn to energize crystals myself? 
    You can attend the Seraphim Blueprint Level I "Seraphim Healing". Every participant receives a series of initiations for specific uses of the two vibrations: the Life-Force energy & the Divine Harmonization frequency. One of these initiations enables us to activate this particular quality of Life-Force within any clear quartz crystal of our choice, raw or polished.