All-in-One Session
A Personalized Mix of Energies & Techniques

Alex has developed his personal format of a Seraphim Blueprint private session over the years. He receives guidance on how to adjust the various energies, made available to us by the Seraphic consciousness, to the individual needs of each recipient, resulting in every session to be a unique personalized experience.


Alex has been offering these types of sessions since 2010, mostly in Japan, Turkey, Germany and the US. 

    Some of the more frequent session topics include:

    • Energetic support for vitality, well-being, & health. Enhancement of natural self-healing powers.

    • Preventive "energetic & spiritual maintenance", easing tension & stress, a relaxation effect comparable to an "energetic Spa visit".

    • Harmonizing the emotions & calming and balancing the mind.

    • Acceleration of true Self-Realization, and activation of our full potential, refocusing towards a positive outlook, strengthening confidence and a "can-do" attitude. 

    • Feeling the bliss and joy when experiencing the angelic presence. Promotes peacefulness & connectedness.

    • Assisisting the release of traumatic imprints & clearing of blockages.

    • Chakra activations & balancing the energy flow within our bodies.

    • Further activation of spiritual abilities & gifts.

    • Strengthening and healing our connection with the Earth/Gaia.

    • Re-Calibration to Gaia's energy field after relocation, to start feelig at home again.

    • Receiving celestial energies based on personal astrological constellations, or specific cosmic events (such as retrograde situations), benefiting from seraphic astrological medicine, receiving planetary vibrations like energetic vitamins.

    • To experience the power of the energies prior to participation in any Seraphim Blueprint workshops.

    • Creation of additional personal energetic Super-Packages after participation in Seraphim Blueprint Fusion.

    • Acceleration of the integration for Seraphim Blueprint students, who wish to connect with the energies and the Seraph at an even higher level.

    • Seraphim Blueprint energies intelligently adapt and offer specific support for the unique personal situation & needs of each recipient.

    • Establishes connection with the Seraph who is the Guardian of the Seraphim Blueprint system.

    • The Seraph facilitates a unique kind of team-work with the recipient's personal spirit team of Guardian Angels and Guides to ensure optimal results.

    • Each session starts with a conversational part to assess the best approach, and is followed by one or two segments of energy transmissions.

    • The essential parts of all sessions happen in silence. The power of this peaceful quiet space allows going into very deep layers of consciousness. Many attunements supersede comprehensive verbal explanation.  

    • While all sessions result in immediate shifts, they are also designed, to trigger long lasting benefits, some continue to unfold and manifest over an extended period. 

        • Tip:
          The sessions may be booked as energy transmissions only, or some optional physical healing tools may be included.

        • Optional physical healing tools:

          - The Seraph's symbol (freely accessible on this website)

          - Empowered quartz crystals (may be ordered in conjunction with a private session)

          - Individually energized coins with the Seraph's symbol (may be energized by Alex during a session for receipient)

          - A personally programmed "Opener" stone (included for free in participation in Level I "Seraphim Healing")

          - Seraphim Blueprint Aromatheraphy Mists: SerAura Aroma Cleanse & Seraph Space Cleanse (not available on this website, can be ordered directly from

        • Various energies of the Seraphim Blueprint are available to be utilized during the session as guided, either separately, or simultaneously:

          - Life-Force energy boost

          - Harmonization energy physical, emotional, mental

          - Divine Wonder vibration

          - Seraphim Aqua Healing for the water in our bodies and aura

          - Nine different celestial energies associated with our Solar System (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

          - Guardian of Gaia energies

          - Additional Seraphic frequencies that may be received during the session

        • This session contains Seraphim Blueprint only.

        • Results vary. Testimonials are accounts of personal experiences. There is no guarantee, that identical or similar results can be reproduced.

        • Alex Brandin has been personally trained by Ruth Rendely, the re-discoverer of the Seraphim Blueprint and  has been practicining these  energies since 2005. Alex is one of the longest serving teachers of this modality worldwide. 

        • Does in most cases not include any activatable initiations (some exceptions for advanced Seraphim Blueprint parctitioners only). If you wish to receive energetic tools to work with on an ongoing basis, consider participating in a Seraphim Blueprint workshop. 

        • If you wish to include optional physical healing tools, please allow for sufficient time for shipping prior to the session.

        • Bookable as 60 min (one-time session, or initial session of a series of sessions),
          or as 30 min sessions (follow up sessions after initial session)

        • Offered as Zoom Meeting with regular phone option. Zoom allows you to record the session on your own computer if you use the weblink. (Recordings not available if you use a smart phone or tablet).

          If you wish to just dial a phone number, that is an option as well.

        • $129 for 60 min plus an energized coin with the Seraph's symbol (US & Canada only)
          $120 for 60 min

          $60 for 30 min

          Optional add-ons:
          $15 for a pair of empowered quartz crystals

          $30 for an individually programmed "Opener Stone"

        United States & Canada only: 60 min Session & Seraph coin

        Seraphim Blueprint energy &
        1 individually energized metal coin with the Seraph's symbol
        (either solid pewter or gold-plated pewter - your choice)
        Will be mailed to you after the session.

        Please note: Shipping only to US & Canada


        60 min Session

        Seraphim Blueprint energy only
        One-time session & 
        Initial session of a series of sessions


        30 min Session

        Seraphim Blueprint energy only
        Follow-up session &
        Starting with 2nd session in a series of sessions