Alex Brandin

Workshop Facilitator & Writer

Alex Brandin is a spiritual seeker, workshop facilitator, and writer. Spirituality was not encouraged while he grew up in the restrictive environment of East Germany. After the socialist system collapsed in 1989, he started his spiritual exploration with an open mind. He began to study astrology, numerology and Tarot cards. Alex discovered his love for essential oils and aromatherapy, and he realized, that his lifelong affinity for crystals and minerals also had spiritual  and energetic aspects. He learned to use conscious dreaming and out-of-body experiences for the acceleration of his spiritual growth.


After moving to San Francisco, a chain reaction of serendipitous events led him into his first Seraphim Blueprint workshop in 2005. This experience expanded his understanding of the power of energy healing and changed the trajectory of his life. His strong sensations of the energy challenged his initial skepticism towards this type of Angelic connection. After a series of life-changing events, he became an enthusiastic Seraphim Blueprint teacher himself in October 2006. He resigned from his corporate career as Accounting Manager for seven hotels in San Francisco in 2010, to dedicate himself completely to the facilitation of workshops. He is now one of the longest serving Seraphim Blueprint teachers worldwide.

Initially, Alex did offer his workshops primarily in the US and Japan. When he introduced the Seraphim Blueprint to Germany in 2010, and to Switzerland as well as Turkey in 2012, he became a true international Seraphim Blueprint ambassador. He has already trained over 80 Seraphim Blueprint teachers in these three countries. Alex has been a guest speaker at leading spiritual Expos in San Francisco, Berlin and Zurich, and he is traveling frequently to present the Seraphim Blueprint to spiritual seekers worldwide, and to share the unique seraphic tools that assist us on our path to Self-Realization.

In addition, Alex Brandin also contributed the advanced courses "Guardians of Gaia" in 2010, "Seraphim Blueprint Fusion" and "Seraphim Healing Advanced" in 2011, "Seraphim Aqua Dynamics" in 2016 and "Co-Creation with Gaia" in 2018, that have become integral parts of the Seraphim Blueprint teaching curriculum. Ruth Rendely, the Founder of the Seraphim Blueprint, invited Alex to become Vice Chair of the Seraphim Blueprint non-profit organization when the Board was established in 2016. He has served in this honorary position until he resigned from the Board in 2021.

Simultaneously, Alex Brandin has also developed workshops of his own spiritual System called “ActiSync”, and the "Mysterium Seraphim" lecture series.

Alex currently lives in San Francisco. His workshops can be experienced either classroom style, in phone sessions, or worldwide via webinars.

Star Sign: Pisces

Degree: Hotel Management/Accounting


Long walks in nature, creating stone sculptures in on the beach, collecting minerals & crystals, digging for gold nuggets from the mother lode & writing


Favorite Desert: Tiramisu

Favorite Music: Classical music, Steven Halpern, Hemisync, Enya

Weakness: Impatience & dark chocolate

Currently authorized to teach the following Seraphim Blueprint workshops worldwide:

Seraphim Blueprint Levels:
Level I “Seraphim Healing”
Level II ”Seraphim Sacred Geometry”
Level III “Seraphim Manifestation”
Level IV “Seraphim Cosmic Splendor”
Level V “Seraphim Planetary Healing”

Level VI “Seraphim Grace & Union”

Add-on & advanced workshops:
Seraphic Tour of the Solar System
Seraphim Healing Advanced
Seraphim Aqua Dynamics
Guardians of Gaia
Co-Creation with Gaia
Seraphim-Gaia-Pulse Event Facilitator
Seraphim Blueprint Fusion
Seraphim Meditation SeraMed

Mother Divine Protective Protocol

Seraphim Blueprint Teacher’s Training
for selected courses/ regions.