Alex Brandin

Alex Brandin

Workshop Facilitator & Writer

Alex Brandin is a spiritual seeker, workshop facilitator, and writer. Spirituality was not encouraged while he grew up in the restrictive environment of East Germany. When the socialist system collapsed in 1989, he started his spiritual exploration with an open mind.


His mission is to facilitate possibilities for substancial learning, acceleration of personal growth, self-improvement, spiritual awakening & mindful awareness; helping participants to unlock their full potential and strength, to activate internal self-healing powers, to see challenges as opportunities and to become the change they seek. 


Alex loves to share inspired alternatives to the so commonly accepted routines and conformities, that so many wish to break free from, in order to realize their dreams.


He focuses on delivering workshops, sessions and lectures primarily in the US, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, as well as in Turkey. He also has been a guest speaker at leading spiritual Expos in San Francisco, Berlin and Zurich. All of his events are also made available worldwide via webinars or phone conferences. 


Alex is one of the worldwide longest serving authorized "Seraphim Blueprint" teachers, and he also offers his self-developed "ActiSync" workshop series, as well as his "Mysterium Seraphim" lectures.


After leaving Germany in 1997, he first moved to Philadelphia and later to San Francisco, where he has been living since 2005.