ActiSync Learning Portal

ActiSync Special Events

Portal to access a series of energy transmissions and special events facilitating the ActiSync energy spectrum

ActiSync The Happy CEO

A workshop series for a spiritual approach to synchronizing business success with personal well-being

ActiSync Karma Sutra

Creative living & practices to improve the karmic interaction between Self & the outer world. A workshops series.

ActiSync Soul Matters

Examine and heal the interaction between Self, Higher Self & the Soul. An exploration of various Soul phenomena.

ActiSync Metamorphic Emergence

Tap into an expanded field of consciousness to use Source energy for the highest level of spiritual hygiene, empowerment

ActiSync 1-Day Today

The 1-Day Challenge Program. Harness the power of now. Changing today changes everything.

ActiSync Total Access

Metamorphic Emergence, Karma Sutra, Soul Matters, The Happy CEO, Divine Transduction & the 1-Day Challenge