Alex Brandin

Workshop Facilitator & Writer

Alex Brandin is a spiritual seeker, workshop facilitator, and writer. Spirituality was not encouraged while he grew up in the restrictive environment of East Germany. When the socialist system collapsed in 1989, he started his spiritual exploration with an open mind.


He resigned from his corporate career as Accounting Manager for seven hotels in San Francisco in 2010, to dedicate himself completely to the facilitation of workshops. Alex offers his events primarily in the US, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, as well as in Turkey. He also has been a guest speaker at leading spiritual Expos in San Francisco, Berlin and Zurich.


Alex's fascination with the Seraphim started in 2005, when he participated in a "Seraphim Healing" workshop. His curiosity about these six-winged angels has inspired him to search for historic traces of the Seraphim on his many travels worldwide. He has been exploring ancient art to better understand today's relevance of the seraphic consciousness.   


Alex mainly facilitates "Seraphim Blueprint" classes and his own "ActiSync" workshop series, as well as "Mysterium Seraphim" lectures.


After leaving Germany in 1997, he first moved to Philadelphia and later to San Francisco, where he has been living since 2005.